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This is what makes us humans, the animals who can have vision and seek to fulfil it on the earth plane. This is what makes us reflections of the force that created us all. A medicine wheel, also known as a sacred hoop, is derived from Native American tradition.

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As a wheel, it represents the never-ending circle of life because it has no beginning and no end. A medicine wheel is used for therapies but also for ceremonies and celebrations. A medicine wheel is not a defined object, and many different tribes, cultures, therapists or individuals will use something different for their medicine wheel. You may find a medicine wheel as a painting or wall hanging, it could be a solid physical construction, or it may be a stone circle often used by Native Americans in ceremonies.

However, in ancient times, the term medicine was an integrated process. Medicine focuses on both spiritual and physical wellness. The medicine wheel helps individuals to reflect on all the aspects of their life and help them to work on the elements they lack or need to improve to feel whole and balanced. This effectively means that individuals are aiming to get to the exact centre of the wheel so that everything in life is perfectly balanced.

When you hear the term medicine wheel, this will often be followed up with the term four directions, or four sacred mysteries. There is no clear-cut definition for what the four directions are; it will vary depending on individual beliefs and uses of the medicine wheel. The four directions could mean North, East, West and South.


However, it could be four separate quarters represented by different colours or perhaps seasons of the year. Some therapists will say each of the four directions is a stage in life, from birth to death.

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Others may call the four directions as a different animal or perhaps the different elements of nature. This is a very simplistic view of a medicine wheel, and usually, a medicine wheel will have many aspects on the same wheel at the same time.

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In everything they reminded themselves that the earth and everything on her were part of the magic circle of life. To remind yourself now of this circle, remember that you are always traveling around it You enter the circle at one point, and the entrance gives you certain powers, gifts and responsibilities.

Your starting point is determined by the moon or month under which you were born. Different starting points are governed by different elemental clans which tell you the element to which you are attached.

The Medicine Wheel

This clan has nothing to do with the clans of kinship that existed in most tribes. The elemental clans determine your relationship to the elements solely, and, like all of the other points on the Medicine Wheel, these are not static. The starting points are also governed by the Spirit Keeper of their direction. It was essential for people in the old days to live their lives in such a way that they would continuously be journeying around the wheel.

This is equally essential now. To stay with only one moon, one totem, one element, is to become static. To become static is to cease to grow, to cease to know that one has a connection with all of the wheel. It is tantamount to stopping the flow of the life force through your being.

As you pass around the wheel, you have the responsibility of learning about the different moons, totems, plants and elements through which you pass. By this learning you keep your own life in constant change, you keep the life force beating within your heart. This is the vision that we have of the Medicine Wheel. In this vision we see that it is a way to teach people to change, to grow, to be open to life, to be open to all of their relations on the earth. We see, too, that this vision is a vision for today, when we have forgotten so much that the people used to know.

It is a vision that can help people to leave their sometimes lonely and boring existences without having to move anything but their minds and hearts. And for those who are never lonely and bored, it is a way to find even more excitement and companionship in their lives. Most of all, the Medicine Wheel is a way for you to get to know yourself, in all of your many aspects and manifestations. In our vision, people are not limited by their starting position, direction or clan. They will not always have the strengths and weaknesses of just this one position.

They have to journey as far as they can around the wheel, experiencing the lessons, challenges, strengths and weaknesses of as many of the positions as possible.

Water Medicine Wheel with Hyda Maria

Every position has something to give them, some gift that will enlarge and enrich their lives. The essence of the Medicine Wheel is movement and change.

Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology - Sun Bear

Through this knowledge, people attempt to allow themselves as much room for change in any one life as they can handle. They wish to progress around the wheel and experience as many manifestations of human nature as possible. They know that they contain all of these manifestations within themselves, but they have to place themselves in various positions and experiences in order to feel them. They do not use their starting position as an excuse for behavior that is not as strong and clear as it could be. Rather, when experiencing such behavior, they will try to move themselves to another position where they can feel the strength necessary to wash away the weakness.

Sometimes this strength will come from feeling human emotions or thinking human thoughts. Other times it will come from observing an animal, as it goes about its life, and seeing what strengths are within that animal. Or it can come from observing a rock, a plant, or listening to the song of the winds or the heartbeat of the. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Personal Growth.

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    By this learning you keep your own life in constant change, you keep the life force beating within your heart This is the vision that we have of the Medicine Wheel.

    The Medicine Wheel : Earth Astrology

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