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July Eclipses: July dishes up two more eclipses. This eclipse can also bring something of the past full circle or act as an important seeding phase for what comes next. Mars, freshly in Leo suggests someone of significance can enter or exit our lives or assume a lead role. The partial lunar eclipse on July 16 is accompanied by Venus in Cancer in opposition to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, a belt tightening, tough go, put to the test, transit.

Venus opposition Saturn puts added emphasis on matters of accountability, duty, responsibility and the law. There is a necessity to get it under better control, to reach the goal post, to re-secure the baseline. Mercury in Leo is also retrograde July 7 to Although the retrograde can extend the finish line, this eclipse marks an ending or deadline of significance. The solar eclipse is accompanied by a trine to Uranus in Taurus and a conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2. Although the year ahead is likely to be a difficult one regarding economics and politics, if we take the work seriously, by the time we get to next Christmas we should see that substantial progress has been made.

Most productive place to apply effort: career, accreditation, develop your professional reputation; re-prioritize, work to develop better boundaries, better control. January is a fast track month, thanks to Mars out the starting gate in Aries, a solar eclipse on January 5, Uranus in Aries ending retrograde on January 6, and a total lunar eclipse on January 20 or 21 depending on your time zone. Mars in Aries keeps you feisty and driven through the middle of February. Along with the solar eclipse kicking off the year, the month of January is a good one for taking a risk on a new personal life or profession life track.

Follow your instincts, listen to your intuition. Expand your marketing, your knowledge base, try a new health regime, relocate for better opportunity. Just before Mars completes its tour of Aries, it joins forces with Uranus. Through the start of March, Mars is also on a next level up regarding a key matter regarding health, wealth or relationship that occupied or challenged you in After 7 years in Aries, Uranus will take a permanent exit, to begin its next seven-year stint on March 6.

We had a short introduction to Uranus in Taurus in Uranus in Taurus favours new income sources. In fact, it is imperative to explore new options for building your wealth — this not only materially, but emotionally and spiritually too. Uranus might be done with your sign, but centaur Chiron is just getting started. It will enter Aries on February Due to its elliptical orbit, Chiron visits Aries longer than any of the other signs.

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Chiron calls upon the warrior self to face destiny head on. Chiron will call you to task in if you are born on or near March 20 to If you are born at the end of Aries, it will be a few years before you get your turn. All the eclipses of the year, January 6, 21, July 2, 16 and December 4 will also work as major catalysts to move you in a new direction. This will be especially so if they make direct contact to your chart. Jupiter in Sagittarius is accompanied by Ceres in Sagittarius for most of The year ahead is a transition year.

There is much uncertainty along the way, but one thing is for sure, you are not going to be standing still, you are most definitely future bound.

Solar eclipse of January 7, 2084

Whether the experience is an undercurrent or an outer reality, likely the change is already well underway thanks to the introduction of Uranus into Taurus in May 15 through Nov 6, Of course, change is on the roster in varying degrees for all of us. You can find life moves fast in some ways, slowly in other ways. Even though there is a big question mark surrounding it, your future is progressively cementing its course. Priorities are too. The most important thing for you to do is to make a fuller commitment to your future wellbeing at every level, health included.

12222 Eclipse Charts

Every day that goes by is one gone. In the year ahead, Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius will take you through a major adjustment regarding your attitude, interests, desires, or material status. Your interest in the spiritual side of life can grow, whether that means you go in search of that which speaks its truth to you in some greater way, or whether you deepen and enrichen the beliefs or practice you already ascribe to. An intimate relationship can blossom or grow more distanced. It does no good to simply go through the motions when your heart is already long gone. On the other hand, if you put good effort into it this year to get yourself repositioned, you could reap substantial benefit next year from Jupiter and the Capricorn stellium.

Perhaps sooner, perhaps later, all the eclipses recalibrate your baseline. Whether prompted by the January or July eclipses, a new address, home life, family situation, or living with yourself trajectory is in the mix. Area of greatest potential : explore beyond what you know; try something foreign to you, research more; question more, do more; listen with your mind, speak with your heart; let experience be your teacher, your guide and your conscience; the truth is your wisest council.

Some prospects, potentials, or goals can be on a disappearing track.

Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Some people you have cherished, sought after, or answered to can be too. In dynamic alignment with Neptune square aspect Jupiter in Sagittarius continues to make a big year for endings and transitions.

Some of the fade out is a natural progression, some of the loss creates a deep void; in other instances, loss paves the way to gain. Each is a facet of the whole. You are best to allow yourself to go with the flow, to move with the trends and currents. Watching for relationship matters, the important elements and issues to continue in a fluid or fluctuating state. Beyond what is within view now lies new growth, more and greater opportunity. This is a wonderful combination for dreaming, aspiring, envisioning, creativity, volunteering, contributing, romance, and spiritual quests.

Surrender to the process and stay hopeful, but also aim to keep it real.

Over-projection or counting your chickens too soon can be folly. All the solar eclipses January, July, December can bring you to an ending and a beginning of significance regarding financial matters i. There can be a substantial need or hefty investment in the year ahead a new home, renovations, added business or educational expense, a new member in the family; an aging parent to look after, etc. Operating in the background, Uranus in Taurus, starting mid March, loans more substantial prospect and promise to budding potentials.

Along with Uranus on a sign change, Chiron in Aries, starting mid February, also puts destiny into play in a more substantial way. Someone of significance can enter or exit your life.

Solar Eclipse July – Honor and Riches – Astrology King

Mars tenants Gemini from March 31 to May Forming dynamic aspects to Jupiter opposition and Neptune square , this transit is sure to put you on the move. Know the commitments you make or the reality that is heaped on you is here to stay for the long term.

The Spiritual and Practical Meaning of the Solar Eclipse Jan 6th 2019. With Levi

While outside forces can run formidable interference, overall life is a simple recipe: do the work, get the reward. You can do no better than to do the best you can with what you have. Expect to experience big change and more big living in the year ahead. The past is up for review in some specific and bust up the concrete way. Nothing new, you say? Uranus has been hammering harder over the past few months, and especially so since November. At the end of November, Uranus finally busted through the wall and is now exploring on the other side.

One door closes and another opens. The solar eclipse marks an ending and beginning of significance, especially so if you are born on or near July 7. Both the January eclipses are also preliminary triggers for the July 2 total solar eclipse and the July 16 lunar eclipse. Again, if your birthday falls on or near an eclipse it will act as a significant, non-negotiable catalyst. The eclipse on July 16 is accompanied by Venus in opposition to Saturn. This can mark a special milestone, achievement, result or professional recognition, or it can bring a relationship, career track, or material circumstance to an end.

Someone of significance can leave your life or exit the planet too. A financial squeeze is possible too. Relocation, more travel or more outside world influence is show by the transits of Jupiter and Ceres through Sagittarius for most of the year.