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How To Get Your Free Kundli

Not only can you receive your natal chart, your life predictions, and love predictions, etc. However, in order to receive accurate predictions, you need to ensure that the birth details you provide are correct because even the slightest change in that can alter the outlook of the kundli, and therefore your life predictions. As mentioned earlier, Indian Astrology defines several aspects in a kundli.

These include:. The combined influence of all these aspects and further minute details, an astrologer can determine many important facets of your life, like your behaviour, characteristics first house, house of self , your marital life, spouse seventh house , your career tenth house , and so on.

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Moreover, with the help of your lagna or ascendant house and Lagna sign the sign posited in the first house of the kundali , one can determine which planets have the most sway over you, which planets and their transits are beneficial for you, and which ones are malefic. Your kundli or birth chart is the seemingly small document that carries the information of everything important to you — your past lives, family, clan, spouse, career, lovce, marriage — life, death, and everything else in between. Your kundli informs you about a lot of things, some of which include:.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be sure about your birth details while creating the kundli as even the slight alterations can ultimately change some important aspects in your life predictions.

However, for natives who do not have their birth details available and wish to get certain answers from astrology can take the help of horary kundli for the same. The horary astrology works on the concept of prashna kundali. Take a look at the numerous options available for you on our menu at the top of this page.

You can read your horoscope today, give our kundali matching for marriage a try with horoscope matching kundali milan , or read your kundli in hindi with our Hindi Kundali option. Toggle navigation.

Marriage Compatibility

Kundli Rashifal Matching Horoscope. Kundali Prashna- Horary. Male Female. Place Min. Marriage matching is done based on the birth stars and janma rashi of the people getting married.

Horoscope matching by Kundali matching north Indian style. Marriage matching or match making is a solemn decision taken on behalf of the boy and a girl before they tie the knot to hold and to behold each other for the rest of their lives.

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The Hindus ensure that the compatibility of this solemn lifelong binding enables the couple to live 'happily ever after'. For this vital decision of their lives, the parents of both the girl and the boy who are to get married and the elders of their families get together; they then follow an ancient method, laid down by the sages of old, to see the marriage compatibility between the girl and the boy. Poruthams are chalked out after the study of the birth stars of both the boy and the girl who are contemplating marriage. The sages had initially devised 20 poruthams but now only 10 are in use.


According to them, there are 27 birth stars nakshatras for each person in an oval configuration which constitutes a zodiac. The zodiac influences the person through the nine planets navgrahas. The 10 poruthams kootas thus chalked out are: dinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, rajju, vedha, vasya, mahendram and stree deergham.